I have recently come across an essay in which spoons are used as a way to describe the way in which those with a chronic illness have to ration their energy reserves to get through the day. (Each spoon represented a unit of energy, or the effort required to do a certain activity). The author was trying to describe to a friend what it felt like living with Lupus. Whilst my diagnosis is totally different, I feel today like I have already used up all my spoons and I still have the rest of  day to go. This has got me thinking about how I need to pace my day better, which is in itself a challenge when I instinctively want to do everything, NOW! Life is ruled by many different things, especially if you have a chronic illness. School times. Medical appointments. Shop opening hours. Work hours. Children’s activities.  Is it possible to slow down the pace of life, whilst fitting in all the demands from outside and still being able to do things that you enjoy? I guess it is, I just need to learn to apportion my spoons correctly!

To read the  essay, please follow this link.

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