Hi all, Thanks to everyone who attended our meeting on Saturday, it was both pleasant and productive.  We had a chat about how we could expand the group and get our message out in the public domain and came up with a few ideas that we intend to act upon.  We are looking at helping as many suffers, carers and their families as possible in our areas. We will from now on give more notice to people of meeting times, dates and venues to so they can be arranged around other things. The next meeting will be on Saturday the 20th August at a destination yet to be decided, it will be in the Bristol area though, if you want to attend can you let us no as soon as possible please?  We can then have an understanding of numbers which makes it easier for the venues to plan seating around wheelchair access and storage.  Any new people and their carers are most welcome, if you’re unsure how to contact us we are on Twitter.   If you then type in Bristol FND it will take you to site, you can also whilst on the twitter site click on Bristol to take you in properly. Feel free to browse site and contact us if you have any questions at all, remember you’re not alone, we’re all in this together. See you all at next meeting. Thanks Kevin 😊

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