Thank you!

I wish to say a very public thank you to all the amazing people who surround me, and have helped me get to where I am! I am very aware that things are still not very easy, that often there is not enough time to say this properly, and that often it is very hard to see the end of the tunnel.

Thank you to my incredible husband who has had to completely alter his way of life, to encompass all the trials and tribulations of my illness. Who was prepared to change his job so that he could look after our children during my illness. Who has also had to pick up all the day to day running of the house as well as working full time. Who often had to come to the hospital during the winter not knowing what state he was going to find me in, but who always managed to have a brave face when he was there. Thank you to my two amazing children who have had to cope with so much this year, who were turned away from hospital on a number of occasions because I was too ill to see them, who have done so well at school and who are working so hard to help at home. Thank you also to Chris, who has spent so much time travelling the M5 to look after the four of us, often under difficult and emotional circumstances. Thank you to all the other family members who have supported us (and in particular my husband) in one way or another.

Thank you to all our incredible friends who have helped out in so many ways. To those who helped in the days and weeks leading up to and including my long stay in hospital. To those who have helped look after the children, often at short notice, and frequently until late in the evening. Thank you to everyone who helped make Christmas happen in our house, when I was too ill to even buy my children presents. To those that have filmed school events so that I didn’t have to miss them completely. To those who helped with birthday parties. To those who have helped with (and continue to help with) meals, house stuff (including changing rooms round so that I could come home from hospital), gardening, transport etc. Thank you to all our friends that sat with me in hospital, especially when things were incredibly painful, difficult and stressful. Thank you to all those who continue to help get me out of the house, take me to school, and generally see the outside world.

Thank you to all the ward staff at all the hospitals I was admitted to over the four and a half month period. In particular, a big thank you to the nursing staff at the Rosa Burden Unit, who kept me going even when so many challenges were thrown in my direction, and also to the friends that I made there and whom I continue to be in contact with.  Thank you to all the staff at Ashton Gate Primary School for their care of my children. Thank you to everyone who helped with my son’s school appeal.  Also to my GP, who has stood by me throughout the whole process.

Thank you to everyone and anyone who has helped us during this very difficult period in our lives.

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