New opportunities

The summer holidays are over, the children are moving on with their journeys through life. The house is quiet again and I am once again stuck in two rooms but for the help of my amazing friends and family. However, this is also the time for new adventures for me, albeit in a very different way.

Bristol FND has been largely silent over the summer holidays. The number of times I have written a post, only to scrap it as there has not been time or energy to complete it. There have been many ideas that have not been acted upon, some of which I hope to use to engage others in a discussion about FND. I now potentially have the time (and hopefully energy) to start, continue or finish these ideas, although some of them are now yesterdays news. The first of these ideas is to sort out BristolFND meet ups. We now have a permanent venue booked for the foreseeable, on the third Saturday of every month. The first of these is this weekend coming. We have moved the time as well, so that families can come – I have children and it would be amazing if they can meet up with others in a similar situation. The earlier time also makes it easier for people travelling. For more details, please see the events page.

Another project is to try and connect with other people. Over the summer two new websites have been created for people with FND. One, FND Action, is a mine of information, up to date research, tips on well being etc. The other, FND dimensions, is a group that want to create meet ups across the country, so that people with the FND diagnosis do not feel so alone. BristolFND is the first group to be listed on both websites! However, there is a long way to go with outreach. Advertising needs to be done using many different media, word of mouth etc. We need to contact support services that may be working with others with the same diagnosis. We need to place an advert in doctors surgeries.

We have other projects, which I will keep under wraps at the moment. How far we will get with all of these will depend on my health and other calls on my time. If there is any way you may be able to help, please get in touch. Even if it is sharing something on facebook, or liking something on twitter.  It all helps not only to widen awareness, but also possibly to reach others with a similar diagnosis.

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