Meeting Agenda

Firstly introductions and 1/2 hour settling down, with shared food

1/ First on the agenda is to discuss and vote for chairperson and trustees. There needs to be a minimum 3 trustees, if necessary people need to leave room whilst voting takes place.

2/ Minutes need to be taken at every meeting. Emma has kindly agreed to do these this week, minutes need to be added to website a.s.a.p, to keep people informed of what is going on.

3/ Once chairperson and trustees are in place we then need to discuss and vote on new logo, for Bristol FND.

4/ Advertisement need to be discussed, such things as leaflets and where we place them.

5/ New improved website, with email addresses.

6/ The purchase of a pay as you go mobile phone.

7/ The idea of trying to talk to new doctors about FND and its effect on live, whilst they are training.

8/ Where we want to go? Charity states? And how we can
generate money i.e. fundraising, sponsorship.

9 Budget costs, someone to take responsibility for this, all cheques have to be counter signed by chairperson and trustee.

10/ Registering as a charity? And the charity authority’s
Also need to discuss taxman and books that need to be kept if we generate over £5k in a year.

11/ Training ‘re course about how to set up a group like ours 2 attendees needed,me and one other. They are held Thursday evenings starting January through to April ( 26th Jan, 9,& 23 Feb,9 & 23rd March and 6th April). Time 6-930 in Bristol City Center .

12/ To discuss FND Dimensions and working under their umbrella

13/ AOB Any Other Business.

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