One year anniversary

BristolFND is soon to have its first anniversary! Many things have happened during this year: FND now has two charities in the UK to support those with the condition, with a third on the way; we have created an active online support network and have held regular meet-ups. However, most importantly, we have decided the direction that BristolFND is going to take, and how we are going to augment the other good work that is being done.

BristolFND started as a support group for FND sufferers by FND sufferers. It’s initial aims were to help those in Bristol through creating meet-ups, providing information and reducing isolation. Since then, the aims of the group have expanded. Work is being done  with three of the major NHS trusts in Bristol, the patient support network is expanding with the aims of creating befrienders, so that patients  do not have to suffer in silence, patient experience is going to be shared with medics and healthcare providers alike through the Brunel NeuroAlliance, and links are being forged with other such support groups in the region. Eventually we hope to spread this work to other areas in the SouthWest, widening awareness and showing that things can improve. To this end, we are changing the name of the group from BristolFND, to FND FrieNDs. Our logo is also changing, but this is work in progress. Charity status has been applied for, and we will announce this when it happens.

If you would like to get involved, no matter how much or how little, please get in touch. We are having a celebration on the 13th May, and are starting to have mid-week meet ups as of 2nd May. We would love to see you if you can make wither of these. These are exciting times for those suffering from a common but little known disorder. We need to get the word out there, and the more people that advocate for those with FND the better.


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