The start of something big……

We all know that FND is a difficult diagnosis to be given. It often feels like a diagnosis reached because of the lack of any positive tests. It frequently is a diagnosis that is given and then the patient is discharged, with no follow-up support, help or information. Patients with the diagnosis can be disbelieved in A & E, causing stress, frustration and anger which can result in the worsening of symptoms.

I have been given the opportunity to talk to senior managers in UBHT, with the aim to improve prospects for patients treated there. I would be very interested in hearing from people who have had any kind of experience with UBHT hospitals (including the Children’s Hospital, St Michael’s Hospital and South Bristol Community Hospital as well as the BRI). If you would be happy to help, please can you get in touch with me through, and mark the e-mail for the attention of Lucy. I really hope that this will be the start of something quite exciting for us all, and that the effects can be spread throughout the Southwest!

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