Carers in Bristol and South Gloucestershire

Without my carer, I would be stuck. I think I’m right in saying that for an awful lot of people with FND. My carer, my husband, has taken on all the domestic tasks, a lot of the child care, as well as providing for us all by working full time, and ensuring that there is a meal on the table at the end of the day. I say thank you to him for all his hard work, but I’m not sure that this is enough sometimes, although I cannot think what else I can do.

One option is to find out what support the The Carers Support Centre, Vassell Centre, can offer. They run a wide range of support groups across the city, from craft sessions Young Carers sessions to pie and pint sessions. They also have links to holiday cottages that are accessible, with discounts available. There are also training days, opportunities to meet others in a similar situation, and are running a summer fete in July. We hope to have a stall at this summer fete, so if you are passing, please say hello! For more information about what is on offer at the Vassell Centre, please see here.

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